Tourist attraction places in Korea

Korea has many interesting places to visit. The country has a lot of a lot of beautiful scene such as rock formations, green pastures, and dense forest. 1) Ganghwado Island
It located in the West Sea. It take only 1 hour drive from Seoul, the island is close to the North Korean border and connected to the mainland via a bridge.

2) Seoraksan National Park
It is an unspoiled landscape of sharp, rocky outcrops and windswept pine trees. It is quite expensive then dining facilities outside of the park.
3) Jindo Sea Parting
It has its own modern version of the famous biblical story of Moses. Every year, visitors from around the world.
4) Gamcheon Culture Village

Artists flocked to the area and now art lives around every corner. It is one of the colorful alleyways of this unique town.

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