Best place to visit in Korea

Worked by Samsung Group, Everland is South Korea's biggest amusement park at 100 hectares.

Seoraksan National Park (Mount Seorak)
Seoraksan is the most noteworthy mountain in the Taebaek mountain extend in the Gangwon area in eastern South Korea.

Itaewon is choc-a-hinder with in vogue bars, clubs, eateries and shops selling everything from propagation Korean furnishings and custom-made suits to gems and Korean ceramics.

Lotte World

One of the significant reasons sightseers are pulled in to Lotte World is the entertainment rides. The Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing are the top pleasers–a lofty drop with an elevation of 70 meters or taste the exciting vibe of being inside a tornado.

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